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Montale Rose Elixir is a fruit-floral fragrance for women with distinctive rosy chords. This perfume water of the French brand of perfume, especially due to its love of fragrant orienta and Arabia and their magical history, offers a wonderful, very feminine fragrance full of dancing and flirting. As with all Montale fragrances, Rose Elixir perfume water has also embroidered an original image that resembles a miraculous elixir or precious magic ointment.

Rose Elixir perfume water is a magnet fragrance of rose that draws an extraordinary appeal with citrus, strawberry leaves, jasmine and orange blossoms. Aroma, gently set on a seductive base with tons of amber, vanilla and musk. The whole fragrance is a representation of a young woman, always ready to dance all night and playfully enchant your surroundings. The rosary adds elegance and appeal, fresh citrus fruits, jasmine and strawberry are mild and cheerful sweetness, and the base is a stunning contrasting passion.

Rose Elixir perfume water, which is masterfully played with the popular rose theme, is perfect all year long, and it is most exiting in the warmer months. This is the ideal daily perfume, which always provides a smile on the face to its user and ensures its visibility also in the crowd. Montale Rose Elixir will always attract women who love sensual, playful and very feminine fragrances with tones of rose and fruits, especially in imaginative compositions. This perfume water should also be tested by any lady who appreciates real quality in combination with originality.

Montale Rose Elixir – a fruity rose for women who want to seduce and dance through life.

Composition: citrus fruits, orange blossom, strawberry, amber, jasmine, strawberry leaves, mandarin, musk, patchouli, vanilla, rose
Type of fragrance: flower, fruit

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100ml, 30ml, 50ml


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